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Cooperation with PT. Jasa Marga

We are supporting the tollgate Variable Message Sign (VMS) Project as our contribution in the improvement of public transportation acilities. Through this project, we participated in providing traffic information for highway users.

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Cooperation with Pemda (Local Government) and Polda Metro Jaya (Jakarta Regional Police)

As the police stations are designed to represent the image of Jakarta as a metropolitan city and the capital of Indonesia, we articipated and providing facilities to support the police force in doing their duties.

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Newfound Potential in Outdoor Media 

Over the past decade, outdoor-media industry has evolved into a strong force to be reckoned with: from one of the underdogs, into a force that is ready to aggressively compete in the 21st -century media fray. This evolution could not have happened had outdoormedia not possessed a tremendous amount of benefits. — benefits that could not be found in other medium.


was established in 1994, as an outdoor advertising company, PT. Media Indra Buana (MIB) strives to preserve its reputation as the pioneer in the development of outdoor media industry in Indonesia. From the beginning we have determined to become the front-runner in this field, as well as to become the preferred business partner through our expertise and integrity. With perseverance, professionalism, and a strong commitment to satisfy our clients’ needs, we have managed to establish our own path that leads to our goal. In time, MIB has acquired qualifications that characterize its identity. These characteristics are summarized in our vision and mission statements, and are represented in our logo that was created in 2004. Our RED AND WHITE logo represents the soul of MIB, one that takes us on our exhilarating journey until today and into the future. The RED in our logo symbolizes a power that enhances and stimulates enthusiasm, energy, actions, and confidence. It also means protection against fear and anxiety, and demonstrates the beauty as described in the common interpretation of red. It symbolizes the “privileged treatment” we provide our clients, similar to that of “red carpet treatment.” The attractiveness of this strong color highlights the warmth of our synergistic partnership with our clients.

Spread in Different Cities

To provide the best service and maintain our quality, we focus to operate only in several potential cities.

Advance Technology

We always follow technological developments in the world of advertising which is why we use Daktronics Product


At MIB, we serve our clients proffesionally according to our company’s vision, mission, values and culture.

Respect for the Law

We value the importance of abiding the law as much as protecting the reputation of our clients. We make an all-out effort to assure that we get all the paper work certified and legalized thus to provide security and peace-of-mind for our clients. It is done by achieving the following: • Compliance with the law in attaining legal advertising permits; • Paying taxes, retributions, rents, electricity and other costs in compliance with local advertising regulations;

Eye Level

The billboard is placed with only 2.5 – 3 meters in height in a high-traffic area, so that travelers can see the advertisement clearly from their natural position and posture, without having to lift or tilt their heads. This way they can grab the message of the advertisement fast, and without having to make extra effort.

Excellent Track Record

Our capacity in building business network, supported by our commitment to finish all our projects responsibly and in a timely manner, has enabled us to give positive impressions in the hearts of local governments as they are usually the outdoor-advertising authority.

“One step by 100 persons is better than 100 steps by one person”

— Koichi Tsukamoto —

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Seeing Through the Eyes of Your Target Audience

Despite its big potential for success, outdoor advertising requires a thorough research and well-planned strategy to achieve maximum level of effectiveness. The result depends on the quality of the media rather than the quantity of it. Quality concerns with type and location of the media, which can be decided based on your advertising objectives. Street Furniture, for example, is designed to intensively attract attention through a continuous visual stimulation, and is suitable for building brand awareness. In this case, the quantity of advertisement is only one aspect toward achieving the advertising objectives. Other aspects include location, eye-level or not eye-level, or other strategic aspect

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